DigAMus Award for digital exhibition format "The City. Between Skyline and Latrine"

The digital exhibition format smac + for the special exhibition "The City. Between Skyline and Latrine" won the #DigAMusAward in the category inclusion and integration. Thanks to the great team, it was a pleasure to work with you!
Here you can have a look at the winner :)

Soundinstallation | Textile Stories

The first sound installation "Textile Stories" was created as part of the city's 875th anniversary and connects historical and current sounds as well as interview passages that give an insight into the past and present of Chemnitz textile production. It was installed for three month at the Zentralhaltestelle in pubilc space.

TV Feature in Sachsen Fernsehen
Article in Freie Presse (local press)

Publication | Beyond the City of Modernism: a counter-narrative of industrial culture.

In June 2018 the article Beyond the City of Modernism: a counter-narrative of industrial culture was published in GeoScape. Download

New publication: Sichtbares und Unsichtbares. RaumBilder und Stadtplanung - ein Perspektivenwechsel

The book Visuelle Geographien. Zur Produktion, Aneignung und Vermittlung von RaumBildern (Editors: Antje Schlottmann und Judith Miggelbrink) is now published and contains my article Sichtbares und Unsichtbares. RaumBilder und Stadtplanung - ein Perspektivenwechsel. Book Review

Conference: Deutscher Kongress für Geographie, 1st - 6th October 2015, Berlin

Next weekend the conference Deutscher Kongress für Geographie will take place in Berlin. Jun.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Glorius and I will present a poster of the project Industriegeschichte erleben. In addition I´ll participate in a panel discussion that turns a critical spotlight on the practice of field trips: "Wie Sie sehen, sehen Sie hier nichts...! Zur Ideologie der Exkursion in der Geographie". Program | Poster

New publication: “du siehst was, was ich nicht seh“ – zur Einbeziehung von Wahrnehmungen und Bedeutungen in eine sozial orientierte Stadtentwicklung

The book Soziale Arbeit in der unternehmerischen Stadt. Kontexte, Programmatiken, Ausblicke (Editors: Patrick Oehler; Nicola Thomas; Matthias Drilling) is now published and contains my article “du siehst was, was ich nicht seh“ – zur Einbeziehung von Wahrnehmungen und Bedeutungen in eine sozial orientierte Stadtentwicklung.

Image or identity? An audio-visual drama.

In the context of the project Industriegeschichte erleben an audio-visual drama was produced by pupils. Based on a media analysis, which includes press articels, comments and statements in social media between 2011 and 2015, the discourse of redesigning the highest chimney of Chemnitz was analysed. The pupils identified different actors and their connotations and developed various scences, which they performed on their own. Video

Conference: AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago, 21st – 25th April 2015

Next week I´ll be at the AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago presenting my paper »You see something that I cannot see« A methodical experiment and possibilities of audio-visual (re)presentation in the session Researching and Representing Ambient and Atmospheric geographies.

Seminar From seeing and walking – Interactive map online

In the winter semester 2014/15 the seminar From seeing and walking took place at Chemnitz University of Technology. The beginning of the seminar was a methodical experiment in which the students tested several methods of walking. Written descriptions, photographs, audio material and sketches documented their impressions. The results are presented in an interactive map that is now online. Seminar Documentation

Forschungswerkstatt Zugänge in der raumbezogenen Forschungspraxis: beobachten, reflektieren, ausprobieren am Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde in Leipzig, 26./27.02.2015

The workshop Urban Explorations through Leipzig – a reflexive experiment will take place during the event Forschungswerkstatt in Leipzig on 27/02/2015. The aim is to experiment with the method of Urbane Erkundungen and thereby experience the challenges and possibilities of this method summarizing with a common discussion and reflection on everything that was experienced. Workshop Description

Exhibition Kostproben

Kosovo and Albania are two countries that are not really present on the mental European map. In September 2014 we went on a field trip to these countries. The impressions of this inspiring journey were documented with lots of photos and every student had the chance to submit »the picture of the day« afterwards and comment on it. The result is a methodical experiment in the form of an exhibition, whereby the pictures are ordered chronologically by place. The exhibition can be seen at the Institute of European Studies, Thüringer Weg 9 in Chemnitz.