Seminar From Seeing and walking – concepts and methods of urban research.

In the winter semester 2014/15 the seminar From seeing and walking took place at Chemnitz University of Technology. The beginning of the seminar was a methodical experiment in which the students tested several methods of walking. Written descriptions, photographs, audio material and sketches documented their impressions. The results are presented in an interactive map that is now online.
Seminar Documentation

Seminar Discover Chemnitz.

Connotations of Chemnitz are often very negative. But what is Chemnitz about? Are there places of subcultural lifestyle? How is the socialist inheritance handled? What kind of traces can be found? Based on their own perceptions and observations the students develop small field trips that reflect the diversity of Chemnitz.

Seminar Right to the city?

Post-socialist cities and their current developments.

Seminar Spatial aspects of language and communication

The effects on the constitution of space through language is discussed and explored by analysing image creating processes and planning documents.

Field trip to Kosovo and Albania / Exhibition Kostproben

Kosovo and Albania are two countries that are not really present on the mental European map. In September 2014 we went on a field trip to these countries. The impressions of this inspiring journey were documented with lots of photos and every student had the chance to submit ‘the picture of the day’ afterwards and comment on it. The result is a methodical experiment in the form of an exhibition, whereby the pictures are ordered chronologically by place. The exhibition can be seen at the Institute of European Studies, Thüringer Weg 9 in Chemnitz. Poster

Field trip to Hungary und Serbia / Exhibition A u g e n K L I C K

Summer semester 2012

Field trip to Moravia

Summer semester 2010